Under the national energy objectives set by the National Energy Laws, the AEMC must prepare and maintain a targets statement, stating the targets set by participating jurisdictions: 

  • for reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions; or
  • that are likely to contribute to reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

The targets statement is available here.  

All entities that apply the energy objectives (including the AEMC, AEMO and the AER) must, at a minimum, consider these targets when having regard to the emissions component of the energy objectives.  

Updating the targets statement 

The AEMC will annually consider whether jurisdictions have set new or revised targets which need to be reflected in the targets statement. 

We will additionally make changes upon request by jurisdictions, in accordance with the National Energy Laws. If we receive directions from energy ministers to amend the targets statement, we will publish the directions and the updated targets statement on this page.