The AEMC today called for submissions on a rule request to expand information that gas market participants are required to make available to the market.

The request has been submitted by COAG’s Energy Council to improve the efficiency of natural gas trading. It follows a Regulation Impact Statement process that considered policy options to increase trade in gas transmission pipeline capacity.

This request identifies a need for additional information to lower transaction costs associated with pipeline capacity trading, provide stakeholders with better understanding of gas flows, and enhance the monitoring and operational functions of the market operator, AEMO.

The AEMC is currently reviewing the design, function and roles of facilitated gas markets and gas transportation arrangements on Australia’s east coast. During Stage 1 of this East Coast Wholesale Gas Market and Pipeline Frameworks Review, the AEMC identified other information that may also address information gaps identified by this request. Consequently, the AEMC is seeking stakeholders' views on the provision of four additional categories of information. These relate to storage facilities, medium term capacity outlooks, linepack and production facility supply nominations.

Submissions on the consultation paper and rule change request are to be lodged by 13 August 2015.

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