The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) is the independent umpire on the rules that govern the energy market. We are a statutory body and expert energy policy adviser to Australian governments.

We provide the legal certainty needed to drive and implement energy policy reform, making and revising the energy rules. We provide the checks and balances needed to protect consumers’ long-term interests as Australia navigates the energy transition.

The energy market and the rules it is built on are constantly evolving as Australia undergoes rapid transformational change towards a low-emissions energy future. As the landscape shifts, we are firmly focussed on enabling innovation that delivers reliability and security at the lowest possible cost – both now and into the future.

The AEMC is at the forefront of change, transforming and transitioning the national electricity market in two ways:

The AEMC and the Reliability Panel are responsible for developing electricity guidelines and standards.

Our forward looking work program connects multiple rule changes, reviews and advice, conducted over an extended period of time.

We take a future-focused approach to what the energy sector needs because the market regulation we design today has to be sustainable.

We place energy consumer interests at the heart of everything we do because:

We are integrating our reform work with our market body colleagues the Australian Energy Market Operator and Australian Energy Regulator as part of the wider reform agenda of the Energy Security Board.