The AEMC is holding a stakeholder workshop to consult with stakeholders on the suggested changes to its draft rule on the Introduction of metering coordinator planned interruptions rule change request and an alternative solution proposed by some stakeholders in submissions to the draft determination.

The rule change is to give electricity customers with shared fusing greater certainty over when their meter will be installed or fixed.

The workshop will be held virtually through video conferencing on Monday 20 April 2020, between 1pm to 4pm AEST. Stakeholders interested in attending the workshop should register their interest by emailing Meghan Dalton at by Friday 15 April 2020.

We have engaged an independent consultant to assist in considering the alternative solution. Pre-reading, including the initial findings from the consultant’s analysis will be provided to stakeholders in the week prior to the workshop.

Stakeholders are also welcomed to provide written feedback.  If you plan to provide written feedback, please do so in a form that can be published on our website (that is, not an email).  We also ask that you focus your feedback on the issues raised by stakeholders in submissions to our draft determination. A summary of stakeholder feedback can be found here.

Written feedback must be sent to Alisa Toomey ( by no later than Friday 24 April 2020.