A new rule that will evolve current system strength frameworks and help the power system transition to lower emission renewables will now be published in October 2021. 

The AEMC announced the extension following an encouraging response to the draft rule for Efficient Management of System Strength, which aims to evolve existing frameworks for providing system strength services. 

System strength is an essential service in the power system. As well as maintaining stable operation, it involves keeping voltage under control when there are disturbances such as electrical faults. 

The draft rule enables transmission networks to be forward-looking in providing the services that help keep the system stable and was well-received by stakeholders. However, the draft’s consultation period raised some detailed implementation questions requiring longer consideration, including further sessions with our technical working group and other discussions.

The draft determination evolves the existing system strength frameworks by introducing a three-pronged approach:

  1. Supply side – a system planning standard for transmission network service providers (TNSPs), given guidance by the Australian Energy Market Operator.
  2. Demand side – access standards on new-connecting generators (typically renewables) to reduce the overall need for system strength.
  3. Coordination – a charging mechanism to send investment and locational price signals to new-connecting generators, bringing the supply and demand sides together.

This project is part of the ESB-led Post 2025 Market Design Project and will continue to be developed as a final rule in close consultation with our AEMO, AER and ESB counterparts.

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