The AEMC is currently considering three rule changes proposed by the Victorian Minister for Energy, Environment and Climate change that aim to improve the Victorian declared wholesale gas market (DWGM). 

As part of our ongoing consultation on the rule changes, a public workshop was held on 16 May 2019 in Melbourne. The AEMC welcomed input from representatives of industry, state governments and regulators. The presentations from the workshop are now available on our website. 

The rule change requests propose to: 

The rule changes are based on recommendations in the AEMC’s 2017 Review of the Victorian declared wholesale gas market. A rule change request submitted by AEMO, on behalf of EnergyAustralia, has been consolidated with the DWGM simpler wholesale price rule change as it was seeking to address similar issues.

Draft determinations on each of the three rule changes are due to be published on 4 July 2019.

Media: Prudence Anderson, Communication Director, 0404 821 935 or DL (02) 8296 7817.