The AEMC today called for stakeholder submissions on a rule request to require generators and network service providers to provide AEMO with more detailed models of generation systems and other equipment.

In its request, AEMO proposes that access to more comprehensive data could enable more effective studies of the power system, supporting more efficient planning and operation.

The consultation paper released today sets out the issues that will be considered by the AEMC, including the commercial sensitivity of the model information being released.

The rule request will be assessed in coordination with the AEMC’s System Security Market Frameworks Review, which is examining the implications of increased penetration of renewable, non-synchronous generation such as wind and solar PV. According to AEMO’s request, more detailed modelling data can help with managing a power system with reduced system strength as a result of a higher proportion of non-synchronous generation.

Submissions are due by 12 April 2017.


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