The AEMC has corrected 2015 Residential Electricity Price Trends data for New South Wales, Victoria, South East Queensland and the national summary.

The errata does not affect the 2016 Residential Electricity Price Trends report published in December 2016.

The updated 2015 report now shows the trends in average annual residential prices between 2014/15 and 2017/18 would:

  • decrease by 0.5% in New South Wales (instead of increase 0.2%)
  • decrease by 0.3% in Victoria (instead of no change).
  • increase by 0.8% in South East Queensland (instead of increase 2.3%)

Because of these changes, the national summary results were affected. The report now shows that average annual residential prices nationally would increase by 0.7% (instead of increase 1.1%) over the three year reporting period.

These calculation errors were identified while completing the 2016 Residential Electricity Price Trends report, when a comparison of results of the 2016 and 2015 reports revealed anomalies.

An information sheet  on the changes is available on the AEMC’s website.


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