The AEMC invites stakeholders to a workshop on 28 February 2019 in Melbourne to gather industry views on the operation of the contract market in the national electricity market. 

This input from stakeholders will help us with our assessment of a rule change request from ENGIE that seeks to establish a tender for voluntary market making services. 

A market making arrangement would increase the opportunities for market participants to trade in electricity hedge contracts and to have greater visibility of wholesale contract prices. It can be voluntary or compulsory.

The service is typically made available in less liquid markets so that retailers and other market participants always have an opportunity to buy and sell electricity futures contracts. This helps to increase market liquidity and support competition and confidence in the market as a whole.  

The AEMC is keen to understand the views of generators, retailers, significant commercial and industrial users, financial traders and any other stakeholder with views on the contract market. 

At the workshop the AEMC will present draft analysis of the issues and the evidence we have received to date. We will seek stakeholders’ feedback on our analysis and any additional perspectives and relevant data. 

If you are interested in attending, have any questions about the workshop, or the rule change more generally, please contact Russell Pendlebury ( or (02) 8296 0620) or James Hyatt ( or (02) 8296 0628). Final details for the workshop, including the venue, times and agenda, will be provided closer to the date.

Media: Bronwyn Rosser, Communication Specialist, 02 8296 7847; 0423 280 341