The Reliability Panel today published a final report for its review of the template for generator compliance programs. 

Generators must meet technical performance standards so they do not adversely affect power system security. The template for generator compliance programs helps generators with developing and designing programs to test and monitor their compliance with performance standards.

In this review, the Panel investigated whether the current template is consistent with changes to the rules, the emergence of new technologies, and new performance standards and compliance methods.  The investigation included an extensive stakeholder survey, and input from technical experts.  

The Panel identified a need for the existing template to be updated to enhance its clarity and usability, and also to reflect changes to performance standards made in the Commission's recent Generator technical performance standards rule. 

These recommendations will support system security by helping generators comply with their performance standard obligations. The amended template will also assist the AER in its ongoing compliance audit program, and AEMO in its investigation of power system incidents.  

The amended template becomes effective from today.

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