Market Review: Completed


The Reliability Panel has completed its generator compliance template review 2019. 
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The Reliability Panel has completed its generator compliance template review 2019. 

To maintain power system security in the national electricity market, generators must comply with the relevant technical standards. The template provides clarity on what constitutes good electricity industry practice with respect to technical standard compliance. It also helps generators with developing and designing their compliance programs.

In this review, the Panel investigated whether the current template is consistent with changes to the rules, the emergence of new technologies, and new performance standards and compliance methods.  

Final report

On 19 December 2019 the Reliability Panel published a final report and amended template for generator compliance programs.

The Panel's final decision amends the template to:

  • address changes to the generator access standards made in the Commission's Generator Technical Performance Standards (GTPS) rule, and
  • update the template and enhance its clarity and usability.

The revised template becomes effective on 19 December 2019.

Draft report and consultation

On 19 September 2019 the Panel published its draft report recommending a range of changes to the template to incorporate changes made by the AEMC in its 2018 Generator technical performance standards rule change, and update the template to reflect changes in technology, cost, and improve stakeholder experience. 
The Panel’s draft recommendations reflected recommendations made by GHD in its advice to the Panel on changes to the template. 

Five submissions were received and can be found below.

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