The AEMC has made a rule that streamlines the process of consultation required to make changes to the Short Term Trading Market (STTM) Interface Protocol.

The final determination will allow the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) to consolidate the process by which it consults on changes to the STTM Interface Protocol and Procedures.

Under the final rule:

  • AEMO will be able to engage market participants more effectively in its decision-making process
  • any cost savings seen as a result of the streamlined approach will ultimately be passed onto customers.


The Short Term Trading Market is a market for the trading of natural gas at the wholesale level at three defined hubs — Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane. 

AEMO is responsible for the formal market procedures (STTM Procedures) that cover matters of a technical and procedural nature. This includes establishing the STTM Interface Protocol to govern the provision of communication

  • in the market between market participants, and
  • with AEMO in the market. 

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