The AEMC will now publish a final determination for the Primary frequency response incentive arrangements rule change by 8 September 2022.  

The project is examining new incentive arrangements that will encourage generation and load to help control power system frequency. 

The second directions paper for this rule change was released for comment in May 2022. Most stakeholders supported the revised frequency performance payments approach set out in that paper and the related IES analysis. 

The extension of time will allow us to work through some implementation and drafting issues that were raised. We are continuing to work with AEMO and the AER to deliver an enduring framework for the provision of primary frequency response in the NEM.

This project remains an important priority to progress the ESB’s post 2025 Essential System Services recommendations  and complements other reforms underway for system strength and fast frequency response. 

Visit the project page for Primary frequency response incentive arrangements for further information and contact details.

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