The AEMC will now publish the final determination for the Material change in network infrastructure project costs rule change by 27 October 2022. 

The project aims to clarify the rules around the Regulatory Investment Test (RIT), particularly in relation to the ‘material change in circumstances’ provisions.  

In addition, the project is also investigating options to strengthen the rules that govern RIT guidelines with a view to improving the accuracy of cost estimates for transmission infrastructure investment through the RIT process. 

A draft determination was released for comment on 7 July 2022.This extension of time will allow the Commission further opportunity to consider the complex legal issues raised in the preparation of the final determination and final rule.  

The project remains an important priority for the Commission. Further consideration of the important issues raised in this rule change will complement work on the Transmission Planning Investment Review (TPIR). The review is considering similar issues relating to the timely and efficient delivery of major transmission projects while ensuring investment in these projects is in the long-term interests of consumers. 

Visit project page for more information and contact details. 

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