Submissions are now open on a more preferable draft rule that clarifies both the ability of the Australian Energy Regulator (AER) to establish a revenue determination for an Intending Transmission Network Service Provider (TNSP), and the process for doing so. 

Under the draft rule, an Intending TNSP is defined as a registered participant who intends to provide prescribed transmission services. This includes both: 

  • a person registered as an Intending Participant intending to construct a new regulated transmission project, and  
  • any existing Market Network Service Provider (MNSP) that intends to re-classify its network services as prescribed transmission services to become a TNSP. 

An unprecedented level of transmission investment will be required as the National Electricity Market (NEM) transitions to net-zero.  

Our draft rule clarifies that a revenue determination can be established for Intending TNSPs. This provides regulatory certainty, reducing the risk of delays to investment decisions on major transmission projects. The draft rule benefits consumers by supporting timely and efficient investment in electricity transmission infrastructure to enable the transition of the NEM. 

Submissions to the consultation paper are due by 15 September 2022.  

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