The AEMC today published a draft determination to not make a rule that would require retailers to include start and end meter readings in energy bills for all customers with an interval meter.

Under the National Energy Retail Rules, retailers must include the values of meter readings at the start and end of the billing period. However, for interval meters, the rules include a provision that permits retailers not to display these values if the metering data required is difficult to obtain.

In determining to not make a rule, the Commission’s analysis found that:

  • not including start and end meter readings in the bill is not a material issue for most electricity customers with interval meters.
  • ‘start and end’ meter readings would not help customers with interval meters to reconcile their bills. The proposed change could increase confusion because ‘start and end’ meter readings would not always correspond to the customer’s energy usage (as interval meters measure usage in intervals and not on a cumulative basis).
  • the market already offers other, more effective, tools for customers to verify their energy consumption. Also, under the current rules, retailers are required to help consumers if they need additional support to check their bill or their meter.
  • increased levels of regulatory and administrative costs would arise if a rule is made, outweighing any possible benefits.

The Commission is seeking stakeholder feedback on the draft determination. Submissions are due by 30 May 2019. 

Media: Prudence Anderson, Communication Director, 0404 821 935 or DL (02) 8296 7817.