The AEMC has now published discussion notes from the meeting of the technical working group on rule changes to the declared wholesale gas market (DWGM). Our slides presented at the meeting are also available. 

On 9 December 2019 the AEMC held a technical workshop to discuss implementation issues and interactions between the rule changes on the DWGM simpler wholesale price and DWGM improvement to AMDQ regime

The group discussed: 

  • changes to the proposed uplift framework to no longer require congestion uplift or uncontrolled exit capacity certificates 
  • the design of auctions and auction products for new entry and exit capacity certificates. 

Final determinations for the two rule changes are due to be published on 12 March 2020. 


For information contact: 

Director, Owen Pascoe (02) 8296 7856 

Senior Adviser, Daniela Moraes (02) 8296 0607 

Media: Kellie Bisset, Media & Content Manager, 0438 490 041; (02) 8296 7813