The AEMC today called for stakeholder submissions on a rule request from the COAG Energy Council to revise the market participant suspension framework.

Under the current rules, market participants may be suspended from the National Electricity Market (NEM) if they pose a threat to the market’s financial integrity, such as when they are placed under external administration. In addition, if a company has more than one registration – for example as a generator and a retailer – the current rules require the suspension of all registrations.

This rule change proposes a more selective approach, where the suspension of some but not all of the registrations is permitted.  It would clarify that AEMO has the discretion to not suspend from the market a market participant under external administration.

This is related to work undertaken by the AEMC in its Financial Market Resilience Review.

The consultation paper released today sets out the issues that will be considered by the AEMC and seeks stakeholder feedback by 7 July 2016.