From today, the complete suite of national energy rules is available in web-published form, providing a smarter, faster way to find, read, save, print and share the information you need. 

Following the June launch of a web-published version of the National Electricity Rules, today we released the remaining rule sets: National Gas Rules, National Energy Retail Rules, and National Electricity Rules (Northern Territory). 

The new navigable, searchable versions of the rules include: 

  • extensive cross-referencing via hyperlinks 

  • pop-up definitions for thousands of terms 

  • easy save/print options for individual sections 

  • navigation trails so you know where you are within the rules. 

These new features are based on feedback from our stakeholders and mean readers can expect faster, easier navigation through the crucial rules documentation. 

The rules are accessed regularly by hundreds of viewers, but until now the gas and retail rules have only been available in PDF and Word format. 

Hyperlinked cross-references will give readers immediate context and connections to related provisions as they consult the rules. 

Stakeholders also told us how much they appreciate the option to click on defined terms wherever they are used in the rules and get instant pop-up definitions rather than leaving their reading to consult the glossary chapter. 

The PDF and Word versions of the rules will remain available online alongside the fully digital version, providing a downloadable option for e-readers and other purposes. 

The rules can be found here: 

The development of this interactive version of the rules began with a recommendation from the Energy Security Board (ESB)  to make the National Electricity Rules more accessible and user-friendly. AEMC then extended the work to include the full suite of energy rules.