The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC) would like to thank the energy market participants that have sent in their notices of claims for the administered pricing period that occurred in June.

We have prioritised providing information to the industry about the compensation process and are on track with our preparations for the assessment of claims.

We have published notices on our website and last week sent an information pack to each claimant requesting supporting documentation in order to swiftly begin the assessment process. The information pack included:

  • a letter explaining the information requirements
  • a checklist
  • a direct cost template in Excel, with instructions for populating it.

Next week we will be providing claimants with further guidance on claims involving opportunity costs.

The AEMC would also like to remind the industry that in the event of a future Administered Price Period (APP), the same administered pricing compensation framework will apply. The compensation regime applies to eligible generators who supply energy during administered price periods.

We encourage market participants to continue to bid their capacity available in the market during an APP.

Market participants who incur a net loss would be entitled to claim direct and opportunity costs for any losses during an APP. Those claims would be assessed as a top priority alongside previous APP claims. Eligible claimants have five business days from the end of an administered pricing period to lodge their claims.


For additional information please contact

Contact: Georgina Kentwell – 0411 043 964.

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