The AEMC is today commencing its annual review of the electricity network economic regulatory framework (2020 Review).

In this year’s review, we will identify a priority list of issues relevant to the electricity sector's transformation that may require attention or reform – beyond the integration of distributed energy resources – as the electricity sector transformation continues.

Last year’s review of the future of the electricity grid focussed intensively on distributed energy resources and detailed a series of key recommendations and actions required to integrate the increasing uptake of distributed energy resources into the national electricity market (NEM) in ways that benefit everyone who uses the power system.

There is a significant program of work under way to integrate distributed energy resources into the electricity system and many of the recommendations from last year’s review have also commenced.

With all this work underway, it is timely for us to engage with stakeholders on other emerging issues.

The review will also provide an update on the implementation of recent reforms and report on the AEMC's monitoring of network businesses' key performance indicators.

An approach paper has been released today explaining the AEMC’s approach for this year’s review and seeking your feedback on issues we propose to consider as part of the 2020 Review.

Those issues include:

  • Dealing with large transmission investment and contingent projects in the context of AEMO’s Independent System Plan (ISP)
  • Risk allocation between distribution networks and consumers
  • The need for enhanced consumer engagement.

The approach paper also provides stakeholders with visibility over the broader work program that is being undertaken by the AEMC in relation to network-related issues arising from the transformation of the electricity sector.

Submissions to the approach paper close on 2 July 2020. The final report is due for publication on 1 October 2020.


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