The Commissioners and staff of the AEMC would like to express our sincere condolences on the passing of Ariel Liebman, Director of the Monash Energy Institute and Professor of Sustainable Energy in the Faculty of IT.

His work brought together researchers from across disciplines such as Economics, Econometrics, Data Science, Optimisation and Electrical Engineering to identify ways to optimally integrate new and renewable technologies into the system, and his involvement in the RACE for Networks Program focussed on optimising Australia’s electricity grid through customer engagement, distributed energy resources and network integration.

Ariel was passionate about connecting academics and policymakers to ensure a robust exchange of practical problems and ideas. His enthusiasm and energy were contagious, and he championed the formation of connections between the AEMC and research organisations.  We valued his intellect, humour and passion and will he will be deeply missed. 

Our sympathies are with Ariel’s family, and his former colleagues at Monash.