The AEMC is pleased to announce the appointment of a new discretionary representative and the reappointment of the transmission network service provider (TNSP) representative to the Reliability Panel.

The Commission has appointed Dr Joel Gilmore, General Manager Energy Policy & Planning at Iberdrola Australia as a discretionary member to the Reliability Panel.

Dr Gilmore will represent large renewable generators. He replaces outgoing discretionary member John Titchen, Managing Director of Goldwind Australia. The Commission thanks Mr Titchen for his valuable contribution to the Panel over the past three years.

The Commission also reappointed Stephen Clark to the panel as the transmission network service provider (TNSP) representative, following consultation with registered TNSPs. The Commission looks forward to continuing to work with Mr Clark for the next three years.

About the appointees

Dr Joel Gilmore - discretionary representative

Dr Joel Gilmore is the General Manager, Energy Policy & Planning, at Iberdrola Australia, with more than a decade of experience in market design, market modelling, and technical and economic analysis of integrating renewable energy into the grid. In addition to engaging on policy design, he also leads Iberdrola’s long-term market modelling team and develops business cases for both renewable and firming assets. He was previously a Senior Manager at EY/ROAM Consulting, managing projects such as modelling and design for the Victorian Renewable Energy Target, and has held roles with the Queensland Government and AEMO. Joel is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at Griffith University Business School, has published in international peer-reviewed journals in both physics and energy, and is a passionate science communicator across a range of media.

Stephen Clark - TNSP Representative

Stephen Clark, is the Project Director for Marinus Link at TasNetworks. Mr Clark is responsible for the engineering and project delivery of Marinus Link a 1500 MW HVDC interconnector between Tasmania and Victoria. He has 30 years experience in the electricity sector and has held executive management positions responsible for transmission system planning, asset management and project delivery.

Reliability Panel

The Reliability Panel, which forms part of the AEMC’s institutional arrangements, reviews and reports on the safety, security and reliability of the national electricity system. The Panel determines standards and some of the guidelines used by AEMO and participants which help to maintain a secure and reliable power system for consumers.

The Panel is comprised of members who represent a range of participants in the national electricity market, including consumer groups, generators, network businesses, retailers and the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO).


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16 December 2021