This presentation provides an update on the AEMC’s assessment of three rule change requests related to wholesale demand response. The project is looking at different approaches to facilitating wholesale demand response in the national electricity market.

The presentation is delivered by Suzanne Falvi, Executive General Manager Security and Reliability, Victoria Mollard, a director at the AEMC and the project sponsor, and Declan Kelly, an adviser at the AEMC and the project leader.

The presentation gives a high level overview of the issues being considered by the AEMC, and also covers the interaction between the rule change requests and other industry developments underway. It includes a summary of:

  • the public workshop held in Melbourne on 5 March 2019
  • feedback from workshop attendees on a range of issues, such as challenges in setting and using baselines, how to ensure appropriate consumer protections are in place, and whether demand response should be scheduled
  • the first technical working group meeting held in Sydney on 22 March 2019.