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East coast wholesale gas price drop Ryan Esplin 2020-02-13
Profound change well underway in electricity supply Greg Williams 2019-12-18
Quarterly investor forum invitation Dr Alan Rai 2019-12-18
Collaboration is key to designing the grid of the future Ed Chan 2019-12-18
Making our changing market more resilient Christiaan Zuur 2019-12-18
Overcoming the split incentive problem for solar PV - under review in peer-reviewed journal Assoc Prof Tim Nelson, Tracey Dodd, Rosanna Vazey and Aleks Smits 2019-12-17
Finally, your electricity bill looks set to fall. Here’s how much you could save Assoc Prof Tim Nelson and Dr Alan Rai 2019-12-09
The National Electricity Market in Australia after 20 years Dr Alan Rai and Assoc Prof Tim Nelson 2019-12-01
Investment in solar and wind generation in Australia- lessons learned Dr Julian Eggleston, Assoc Prof Tim Nelson, Tom Walker, Greg Williams 2019-10-18
Efficient integration of climate and energy policy in Australia Assoc Prof Tim Nelson, Owen Pascoe, Prabpreet Calais, Lily Mitchell and Judith McNeill 2019-09-16
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