We are seeking nominations from participants to participate in a technical working group to further progress the detailed design of the AEMC’s proposed Southern Hub gas market model for Victoria.

The technical working group will meet three times between June and August 2016. Participants will discuss matters relevant to three facets of the market design: balancing and trading; capacity allocation; and transitional arrangements. Participants must be able to meaningfully contribute to these areas and be available to attend the various scheduled meetings.

The AEMC will facilitate the working group process but information and analysis from AEMO and industry participants will play a critical role in shaping the Commission's views for the final design of the Southern Hub model.

The AEMC considers that a high level of collaboration in the process to finalise the Southern Hub design will provide the best grounds for developing a market that meets the needs of existing and new entrant gas market participants.

Please send nominations via email to Laura.Wyllie@aemc.gov.au by Friday 3 June 2016.

The dates and locations for the technical working group meetings are provided below. Venues and times to be confirmed shortly.

► Meeting 1 – Wednesday 15 June 2016, Melbourne
► Meeting 2 – Wednesday 13 July 2016, Sydney
► Meeting 3 – Wednesday 10 August 2016, Melbourne