The AEMC has made a more preferable final rule which makes non-controversial changes to some National Electricity Rules (NER) definitions, to help simplify the NER. 

The final rule follows two rule change requests, submitted by the Australian Energy Market Operator and Dr Kerry Schott AO, Chair of the Energy Security Board. Both requests stem from recommendations in the Finkel review.

The more preferable final rule removes, amends, or consolidates some non-controversial NER definitions that were redundant, had errors or inconsistencies, or could be consolidated or aligned. The changes should improve the clarity, transparency, and certainty of the NER definitions, and help make the NER easier to read.

Three terms which for which changes were not straightforward or did not add clear value were not included in the final rule and can be considered under a future process. 

Media: Kellie Bisset, Media and Content Manager, 0438 490 041