The AEMC has made a final rule to help minimise network price volatility for NSW gas consumers that could occur following a delay in the finalisation of Jemena Gas Networks’ 2015-2020 access arrangement. This delay is a result of judicial and merits review proceedings, which are now complete.

The Australian Energy Regulator is now remaking its final decision on Jemena’s current access arrangement, which sets out the prices (‘reference tariffs’) that Jemena can charge its residential and business customers. The final rule will enable the AER to shift Jemena’s revenue between the current access arrangement period (2015-20) and subsequent access arrangement period. This approach aims to minimise price volatility for consumers.  

The final rule gives the AER discretion over whether or not to make an adjustment determination. If the AER decides to make an adjustment determination, it must do this by 1 March 2019, otherwise the rule expires. 

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