Submissions are now open on a directions paper that seeks further feedback on a rule change request that would allow transmission network service providers (TNSPs) to directly pass on AEMO’s participant fees to their customers.

The rule change request seeks to establish an efficient administrative process for TNSPs to recover the cost of AEMO’s participant fees that have been newly allocated to them.

The AEMC has not yet made a final determination because issues raised in submissions to the consultation paper require further stakeholder feedback and consideration.

Some submissions have suggested there is not a substantive issue with the current arrangements that would warrant the rule change proposed by Energy Networks Australia (ENA).

Key dates:

  • Register for our workshop to discuss the directions paper published - 4 August 2022
  • due date for submissions to the directions paper - 18 August 2022
  • AEMC publishes final determination and final rule (if made) - 22 September 2022

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