The AEMC has today released a consultation paper considering changes to the scope and timing of the Reliability Panel’s (Panel) 2022 reliability standard and settings review. 

A rule change request from Energy Security Board (ESB) Chair Dr Kerry Schott AO proposes an amendment to the panel’s scope for the 2022 review, so it would review and report on the reliability standard but not the reliability settings. 

Instead, the ESB would review the settings to align them with the design of a capacity mechanism, which is a key consideration in the ESB’s post 2025 market roadmap.

The rule change request also proposes to extend the time for delivery of the Panel’s final report for the reliability standard by two months to 30 June 2022 to allow enough time to consider implications from the ESB’s capacity mechanism reform proposal.   

Submissions to the consultation paper are due by 25 November 2021.  

Note: This rule change will be subject to the expedited rule making process under s.96 of the NEL. Written requests not to make a rule under the expedited process in s.96 of the NEL must include reasons for the request and must be lodged with the Commission by 11 November 2021.

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