TAS: Tasmanian Gas Pipeline

TAS: Tasmanian Gas Pipeline

The Tasmanian Gas Pipeline (TGP) is a transmission pipeline operating and transporting gas from southern Victoria to northern Tasmania. The pipeline is owned by Palisade Investment Partners (PIP) and operated by the Zinfra Group.

The pipeline is 740 km in length, including approximately 300km of sub-sea pipeline. It has a forward haul capacity of 129 TJ/day and a back haul capacity of 129 TJ/day. The TGP consists of a mainline that links Longford in Victoria with Bell Bay, Rosevale and Springfield near Launceston, and Bridgewater near Hobart in Tasmania. There is also a lateral pipeline that connects with the mainline at Rosevale and extends northwest to Devonport, Burnie and Port Latta.

The TGP supplies gas to the Tasmanian Gas Network (TGN), Hydro Tasmania’s Tamar Valley gas fired power station, the Rio Tinto Alcan Bell Bay aluminium smelter and Grange Resources’ iron ore processing facility at Port Latta. The TGP’s agreement with the Tamer Valley Power Station was the cornerstone of the investment in the TGP when it was constructed. Gas is sourced from the Victorian offshore Gippsland basin gas fields.

The TGP is currently a non-scheme pipeline, and is subject to the access regime for non-scheme pipelines under Chapter 6A of the NGL and Part 23 of the NGR. The TGP was not a covered pipeline under the Gas Code.

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Forward haul capacity of 129 TJ/day and back haul capacity of 129 TJ/day






Zinfra Group


740 km

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Natural gas

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