SA/Vic: SEAGas Pipeline System

SA/Vic: SEAGas Pipeline System

The South Eastern Australia (SEA) Gas Pipeline System is a number of transmission pipelines operating across South Australia. SEA Gas is jointly owned by the APA Group (50 per cent interest) and REST (Retail Employees Superannuation Trust – 50 per cent interest), an industry superannuation fund.

The SEA Gas Pipeline System was constructed to provide an additional source of gas supply to the South Australian market. It consists of three pipelines: a 680 km mainline linking the Minerva processing plant near Port Campbell in Victoria to Pelican Point near Adelaide (known as the Port Campbell to Adelaide Pipeline, or PCA), a 11 km lateral pipeline known as the Port Campbell to Iona Pipeline (PCI) which connects the PCA and the Minerva gas plant with the Victorian Declared Transmission System (DTS), where it connects to the south west pipeline (SWP), and the Mortlake Pipeline which connects the PCI to the Mortlake Power Station. Gas is sourced from the offshore Otway basin gas fields near Port Campbell and from the Underground Gas Storage (UGS) facility at Iona. The pipeline from Port Campbell to Adelaide has a capacity of 314 TJ/d.

The SEA Gas Pipeline System is also connected to the South East South Australia (SESA) Pipeline in South Australia. In 2015, SEA Gas and Epic Energy announced the interconnection of the Moomba to Adelaide Pipeline system (MAPS) and the SEA Gas Pipeline. The connection allows natural gas to flow from the SEA Gas Pipeline into the MAPS.

The SEA Gas Pipeline System is currently a non-scheme pipeline system, and is subject to the access regime for non-scheme pipelines under Chapter 6A of the NGL and Part 23 of the NGR. 

In November 2010, the APA Group and REST acquired International Power Australia’s interests in the SEA Gas Pipeline. International Power was one of the three foundation shippers and owners of the SEA Gas Partnership who built the pipeline in 2003. The other two foundation owners, Origin Energy and TRUenergy (now EnergyAustralia), sold their interests in the SEA Gas Pipeline to the current owners in 2007 and 2008.

Pipeline details






314 TJ/d




APA Group, Rest


APA Group, Rest


774 km

Gas Type:

Natural gas

Number of customers serviced:

Approximately 50% of Adelaide’s natural gas energy needs

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