SA: Tonsley Network

SA: Tonsley Network

The Tonsley distribution network is an embedded network that operates within the Tonsley Innovation District, Clovelly Park, south of Adelaide. It is owned and operated by Enwave Tonsley, part of Enwave Australia (Enwave Australia is a CleanPeak Energy business since August 2020). The Tonsley network is used to provide retriculated natural gas to up to 400 town houses (it also provides electricity and non-drinking water). It is not expected to supply natural gas to businesses in the innovation district. The Tonsley gas network is connected to the AGN SA distribution system.

The Tonsley network is currently a non-scheme pipeline, and is subject to the access regime for non-scheme pipelines under Chapter 6A fo the NGL and Part 23 of the NGR. On 13 August 2019, the AER granted a 5 year category 2 exemption under Part 23 of the NGR for the Tonsley network.

Pipeline details







Additional Regulation:

5 year category 2 exemption under Part 23 of the NGR


Enwave Tonsley Pty Ltd


Enwave Tonsley Pty Ltd

Gas Type:

Natural gas

Number of customers serviced:

Up to 400 town houses

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Title Date Documents
AER Letter to Enwave re Tonsley Network 2019-08-13 Part 23 description
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