NT: Amadeus Gas Pipeline

NT: Amadeus Gas Pipeline

The Amadeus Gas Pipeline (AGP) (previously known as the Amadeus Basin to Darwin Pipeline, ABDP) is a transmission pipeline owned and operated by the APA Group through its wholly owned subsidiary APT Pipelines NT Pty Ltd. In June 2011, APA purchased the AGP from a consortium of financial institutions who had leased the pipeline to the Amadeus Gas Trust. Prior to June 2011, NT Gas managed and operated the pipeline for the trust and APA held a 96 per cent interest in both the Amadeus Gas Trust and NT Gas.

The AGP was commissioned in 1986. It transports gas to Darwin, Katherine and other locations principally to fuel electricity generation in the Northern Territory. The pipeline is 1,658 km in length (including laterals). When built, gas flowed northwards to Darwin from the Palm Valley and Mereenie gas fields in the Amadeus Basin. However, since 2008 natural gas from the Blacktip gas field in the Bonaparte basin also feeds into the AGP from the Bonaparte Gas Pipeline. This gas flows north to Darwin and south towards Alice Springs. The AGP was initially subject to regulation as a covered pipeline under the Gas Code by the ACCC. It is now subject to full regulation by the AER under the NGR.

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APA Group


1658 km

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Natural gas

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Title Date Documents
AER approved access arrangement - Amadeus Gas Pipeline April 2021-26 2021-12-14 Current access arrangement
ACCC approved access arrangement information 2003-02-05 Previous access arrangement
ACCC approved access arrangement 2003-02-05 Previous access arrangement
Previous AER approved access arrangement 2011-07-27 Previous access arrangement
AER approved access arrangement information 2011-07-27 Previous access arrangement
Approved access arrangement for the Amadeus Gas Pipeline 2021 to 2026 Previous access arrangement
Proposed revocation and substitution of Amadeus Gas Pipeline transmission access arrangement 2016-2021 Previous access arrangement
Amadeus Gas pipeline description Pipeline description
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