The design work to reform the electricity market post 2025 that is being led by the Energy Security Board (ESB) is well underway.

As a key member of the ESB, we are very involved in this work and leading several workstreams. We are making the work a top priority and integrating our existing program of rule changes with the long-term vision in that work There are a range of rule changes and reviews in the AEMC work program that dovetail, and are interdependent, with the work of the ESB, particularly in its work on P2025 market design. These parts of our work program provide us with an opportunity to complement the thinking and assessment done in the ESB’s P2025 project. It also allows us to address the issues in the reform agenda in a cohesive way, facilitate collaboration as well as being able to address some issues that are more urgent in nature, such as system security and DER integration.

We are also prioritising key rule changes that fit within our AEMC priorities and the Energy Ministers' Strategic Energy Plan.

In order to dedicate the right amount of resources to key priorities like integrating distributed energy resources and addressing immediate security needs of the transforming power system, we will temporarily divert resources away from some projects over the coming year,  including some of our regular reviews.

We recognise the scale and scope of the reform agenda in energy is stretching many stakeholders, particularly as we all experience the impacts of a global pandemic. A targeted and ongoing focus on critical rule changes and projects will assist both AEMC staff in their work on the reform agenda and our stakeholders, whose input we rely on in order to work collaboratively on the future of the energy system in the best interests of consumers.

The affected projects are listed below:

  • Retail Energy Competition Review 2021
  • Electricity Network Economic Regulation Framework (ENERF) 2021
  • Maximum reactive current during a fault
  • Retail market transparency rule changes
  • Long term standing offer notice

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