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The National Electricity Market in Australia after 20 years Dr Alan Rai and Assoc Prof Tim Nelson 2019-12-01
Investment in solar and wind generation in Australia- lessons learned Dr Julian Eggleston, Assoc Prof Tim Nelson, Tom Walker, Greg Williams 2019-10-18
Efficient integration of climate and energy policy in Australia Assoc Prof Tim Nelson, Owen Pascoe, Prabpreet Calais, Lily Mitchell and Judith McNeill 2019-09-16
Profiling the capacity market debate Greg Williams 2019-09-13
Retail innovation in batteries and related technologies James Hyatt, Kate Wild and Ben Davis 2019-09-01
Glimpses of a new market dynamic in Queensland Oliver Nunn 2019-08-29
Electricity prices – insights and trends from recent market modelling Oliver Nunn, Joseph Nunez, Vanty Tang and Assoc Prof Tim Nelson 2019-07-29
The times they are a changin’: current and future trends in electricity demand and supply Dr Alan Rai, Oliver Nunn, Ryan Esplin and Assoc Prof Tim Nelson 2019-07-01
Marginal loss factors in the NEM explained Andrew Splatt, Dr Julian Eggleston and Meredith Mayes 2019-06-05
Access reform in the NEM: a better way to coordinate generation and transmission investment Suzanne Falvi, Victoria Mollard and Tom Walker 2019-04-11
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