SA: South East South Australia Pipeline

SA: South East South Australia Pipeline

The South East South Australia (SESA) Pipeline is a transmission pipeline operating in south-east South Australia. It is owned and operated by the APA Group.

The SESA Pipeline is 45km in length and has a capacity of 40 TJ/day. The SESA Pipeline links the SEA Gas Pipeline at Poolaijelo in western Victoria to the South East Pipeline System (SEPS) at Ladbroke Grove near Penola in South Australia. Gas is sourced from the offshore Otway basin gas fields near Port Campbell and the western underground gas storage at Iona in southern Victoria.

The SESA Pipeline is currently a non-scheme pipeline, and is subject to the access regime for non-scheme pipelines under Chapter 6A of the NGL and Part 23 of the NGR. 

The SESA Pipeline was constructed in 2005. In July 2007, the APA Group acquired the SESA Pipeline when it acquired the assets of Origin Energy Networks (which included interests in Envestra and the SEA Gas Pipeline).

Pipeline details






40 TJ/day




APA Group


APA Group


45 km

Gas Type:

Natural gas

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