Rule Changes

We take different perspectives into account so the rules we make are well considered and based on comprehensive evidence. 

Pending rule changes are rule change requests which we have received but not yet initiated under the rule making process. We endeavour to initiate rule change requests as soon as possible after receiving them, having regard to our work program.

When we initiate the rule making process for a rule change request, the request will be listed as an open rule change and we will invite stakeholders to provide submissions on the request. Generally, when we initiate a rule change request, we also publish a consultation paper to facilitate stakeholder consultation.

Once we have made a final rule determination on a rule change request, the request will be listed as a completed rule change.


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 TitleProponent(s)Date InitiatedDetermination
TransGrid Participant Derogation (Treatment of Contingent Projects (Interim Arrangements) TransGrid 20-10-05 27-07-06 27-07-06 ERC0012
Transmission Last Resort Planning MCE 12-10-05 08-03-07 15-03-07 ERC0004
Reform of the Regulatory Test Principles MCE 12-10-05 30-11-06 30-11-06 ERC0002
Publication of Information for Non-scheduled Generation NEMMCO 01-07-05 15-12-05 12-01-06 ,
01 Jul 06
Management of negative settlement residues in the Snowy Region Hydro Tasmania, International Power, LYMMCO, NEMMCO, NRG Flinders, Southern Hydro 01-07-05 14-09-06 01-11-06 ERC0007
Review of operating incidents NEMMCO 01-07-05 02-02-06 02-02-06 ERC0014
Revision to dispatch pricing due to manifestly incorrect inputs NEMMCO 01-07-05 17-11-05 01-06-06 ERC0009
System restart ancillary service arrangements and pricing under market suspension NEMMCO 01-07-05 20-04-06 20-04-06 ERC0011
Review of the Snowy regional boundary by Macquarie Generation Macquarie Generation 01-07-05 ERC0006
Recovery of negative inter-regional settlements residue NEMMCO 01-07-05 30-03-06 01-07-06 ERC0008
Demand Management and Embedded Generation Connection COAG Energy Council, TEC 20-08-15 20-08-15 ,
1 December 2016
Price Variations in Exit Fee Contracts Donald Murray Lloyd (private individual) 10-12-14 ,
Decision not to initiate
Multiple Trading Relationships AEMO RRC0005
Application of constraints in the declared transmission system AEMO GRC0039
Participant compensation following market suspension AEMO ERC0225
Register of distributed energy resources COAG Energy Council ERC0227
System restart plan release provisions AEMO ERC0228
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