Reliability Panel

The Reliability Panel forms part of the AEMC’s institutional arrangements that support the national electricity system. The Panel's core functions relate to the safety, security and reliability of the national electricity system.

System Security

The AEMC's system security work program is underway. It is focused on the impact of non-synchronous generation, including renewables, on how the system is maintained in a secure state.

Market Evolution

We are responding to market evolution, and the need to integrate energy and emissions reduction policy, with a focus on reliable, secure energy at the best price for consumers.


This section contains the latest versions of the rules which electricity and gas businesses must observe.

Rule Changes

To inform our assessment of requests to make changes to the rules, we ask for the views of all interested stakeholders. Go to these pages for details of consultations and decisions on all rule changes.


We undertake reviews to inform our recommendations to governments on how the market arrangements can be developed to deliver reliable and efficient electricity and gas supplies.