The AEMC has started consultation on a rule request seeking to require transmission network service providers (TNSPs) to keep a register of large generator connections to their network. Generators with capacity of 30MW or greater and that have been connected after December 1998 must be contained within the register

The request is from the COAG Energy Council and would also introduce obligations for TNSPs to undertaking impact assessments to consider the impact of large generator connections upon the transmission network.

The rule change request arises from a recommendation made in the Optional Firm Access, Design and Testing (OFA) review. The OFA review concluded in June 2015 and recommended increasing the level of transparency relating to the effect of transmission connections in the NEM on the network.

The AEMC will assess this rule change as a non-controversial rule under an expedited process, subject to the receipt of any written objections from stakeholders by 7 July 2016. To be valid, an objection should set out the reasons why the rule change request will have a significant impact on the national electricity market.

The consultation paper has been prepared to facilitate stakeholder consultation on the rule change request and to seek stakeholder submissions. Stakeholders are invited to make submissions on the rule change request by July 21 2016.