Rule Changes

We take different perspectives into account so the rules we make are well considered and based on comprehensive evidence. 

Pending rule changes are rule change requests which we have received but not yet initiated under the rule making process. We endeavour to initiate rule change requests as soon as possible after receiving them, having regard to our work program.

When we initiate the rule making process for a rule change request, the request will be listed as an open rule change and we will invite stakeholders to provide submissions on the request. Generally, when we initiate a rule change request, we also publish a consultation paper to facilitate stakeholder consultation.

Once we have made a final rule determination on a rule change request, the request will be listed as a completed rule change.


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 TitleProponent(s)Date InitiatedDetermination
Application of constraints in the declared transmission system AEMO GRC0039
Unintended scheduling results - decision timing AEMO GRC0041
Application of rate of return guidelines to TasNetworks TasNetworks ERC0223
Changes to periodic review of market parameters in STTM AEMO GRC0042
Participant compensation following market suspension AEMO ERC0225
Declaration of Lack of Reserve conditions AEMO ERC0226
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