Rule Changes

We take different perspectives into account so the rules we make are well considered and based on comprehensive evidence. 

Pending rule changes are rule change requests which we have received but not yet initiated under the rule making process. We endeavour to initiate rule change requests as soon as possible after receiving them, having regard to our work program.

When we initiate the rule making process for a rule change request, the request will be listed as an open rule change and we will invite stakeholders to provide submissions on the request. Generally, when we initiate a rule change request, we also publish a consultation paper to facilitate stakeholder consultation.

Once we have made a final rule determination on a rule change request, the request will be listed as a completed rule change.


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 TitleProponent(s)Date InitiatedDetermination
Economic Regulation of Transmission Services Undertaken by Distributors EnergyAustralia 05-04-07 26-06-08 01-07-08 ERC0039
Congestion Pricing and Negative Residue Management Arrangements for the Snowy Region Hydro Tasmania, International Power, LYMMCO, NRG Flinders, TRUenergy 22-03-07 08-11-07 ERC0042
Transmission Last Resort Planning Guidelines AEMC 15-03-07 10-07-07 ERC0040
Split Snowy Region Macquarie Generation 08-03-07 08-11-07 ERC0041
Efficient Dispatch of Regulation Services Hydro Tasmania 22-02-07 23-08-07 01-01-09 ERC0035
Responsible Person Contestability Metropolis Metering Assets Pty Ltd 13-02-07 ERC0038
Dispatch of Scheduled Network Services Hydro Tasmania 01-02-07 16-08-07 ERC0037
Cost Recovery of Localised Regulation Services NGF 21-12-06 23-08-07 01-01-09 ERC0032
Origin Energy Participant Derogation (Technical Requirements for Mount Stuart Power Station) Origin Energy 30-11-06 ERC0036
NEMMCO Participant Derogation (Extension of Cost Recovery of Regulation Services in Tasmania) NEMMCO 02-11-06 07-12-06 07-12-06 ERC0034
Resolution of existing generator performance standards NGF 02-11-06 07-12-06 07-12-06 ERC0033
Studland Bay Wind Farm Participant Derogations Woolnorth Studland Bay Pty Ltd 14-09-06 19-10-06 01-11-06 ERC0030
Obligations of Network Service Providers - Connection Applications Energy Solutions Australia 14-09-06 26-04-07 ERC0029
Pricing of Prescribed Transmission Services AEMC 24-08-06 21-12-06 28-12-06 ERC0015
Reallocations NEMMCO 29-06-06 15-02-07 31-05-07 ERC0020
Transmission network replacement and reconfiguration Stanwell Corporation Limited 15-06-06 01-03-07 ERC0028
Management of negative settlement residues by re-orientation Snowy Hydro Limited 08-06-06 09-11-06 ERC0027
Extension of Inter-regional Settlements Agreement Department of Infrastructure (Victoria) 25-05-06 13-07-06 13-07-06 ERC0026
Inspection and Testing of Metering Installations EnergyAustralia 11-05-06 29-06-06 01-07-06 ERC0025
Participation in SRA - EnergyAustralia Participant Derogation NEMMCO 11-05-06 16-06-06 22-06-06 ERC0023
Technical Standards for Wind Generation and Other Generator Connections NEMMCO 04-05-06 08-03-07 15-03-07 ERC0022
Metrology NEMMCO 30-03-06 09-11-06 09-11-06 ERC0024
Alternative Snowy Region Boundary (Discontinued) Macquarie Generation 16-02-06 22-03-07 ERC0084
Economic Regulation of Transmission Services AEMC 16-02-06 16-11-06 16-11-06 ERC0001
Process for Region Change (formerly called Region Boundaries) MCE 12-01-06 20-12-07 01-07-08 ERC0005
Advocacy Panel MCE 12-01-06 15-06-06 01-07-06 ERC0019
Abolition of Snowy Region Snowy Hydro Limited 12-01-06 30-08-07 30-08-07 ERC0016
Reliability Safety Net Extension Reliability Panel 23-12-05 11-05-06 18-05-06 ERC0018
Reform of dispute resolution process for the Regulatory Test MCE 23-12-05 29-06-06 01-07-06 ERC0003
Statement of Opportunities Update NEMMCO 02-12-05 13-04-06 20-04-06 ERC0017
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