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22-10-15 New version 74 of the National Electricity Rules
22-10-15 Have your say on retailer insolvency costs and pass-through arrangements GRC0035
22-10-15 Reminder to Generators and TNSPs to approve their new Reliability Panel representatives
22-10-15 Consultation on 2016 Retail Competition Review RPR0004
22-10-15 Final rule on Australian Energy Market Operator access to demand forecasting information ERC0184
09-10-15 Preparing markets for technological change
08-10-15 New communication standards proposed for a smarter energy services market EMO0029
01-10-15 AEMC Initiated Rule – Second Minor Changes 2015 ERC0193
01-10-15 Improving transparency in the east coast gas market GRC0033
24-09-15 Updated guidelines on Last Resort Planning Power EPR0047
18-09-15 Electricity generation can adjust efficiently to market demand EPR0045
18-09-15 AEMO and the AEMC align work programs on east coast gas market development GPR0003
18-09-15 Have your say on the East Coast Gas Review Information Provision Workstream GPR0003
18-09-15 AEMC releases gas Pipeline Regulation and Capacity Trading Discussion Paper for consultation GPR0003
17-09-15 Management change at the AEMC
17-09-15 Competition in metering rule change – additional consultation on specific issues ERC0169
17-09-15 Royce De Sousa appointed to Reliability Panel
17-09-15 Stronger rules around last minute electricity market rebids ERC0166
17-09-15 NSW networks workshop on connecting local generators
17-09-15 Consultation on compliance with dispatch instructions ERC0187
17-09-15 Rule not made to align network and retail tariff structures for small customers ERC0175
17-09-15 AER responsibility for guideline of common definitions of distribution reliability measures ERC0190
10-09-15 AEMC strategic priorities discussion paper – stakeholder views sought on proposed priorities EMO0030
10-09-15 Directions Paper on Meter Replacement Processes released ERC0182
10-09-15 More choices for embedded network customers ERC0179
10-09-15 Consultation starts on DWGM operating schedules GRC0034
10-09-15 AEMC releases Victorian Declared Wholesale Gas Market Review discussion paper GPR0002
10-09-15 Consultation starts on rule change request related to the creation and allocation of new capacity instruments in the Victorian DWGM GRC0029
08-09-15 New version of National Energy Retail Rules published
03-09-15 Competition in metering rule change – upcoming consultation ERC0169
27-08-15 Stakeholder Views on AEMC Consultation Processes
27-08-15 Public forum to be held on the Strategic Priorities for Energy Market Development 2015
27-08-15 Register now for public forum on East Coast Gas Review and Victorian DWGM Review GPR0003
20-08-15 New rules for a demand management incentive scheme ERC0177
13-08-15 Draft rule determination on compensation arrangements following application of an administered price period ERC0176
06-08-15 AEMC releases wholesale gas markets discussion paper GPR0003
30-07-15 Consultation commences on Multiple Trading Relationships rule change request ERC0181
30-07-15 AEMC to ask for nominations for new members of the Reliability Panel
30-07-15 Draft rule on Australian Energy Market Operator access to demand forecasting information ERC0184
23-07-15 Bidding in Good Faith – s107 extension of project timeline ERC0166
23-07-15 East Coast Wholesale Gas Market and Pipeline Frameworks Review enters next stage GPR0003
23-07-15 Consultation commences on amendments to the AEMC’s last resort planning guidelines EPR0047
16-07-15 Reliability Panel publishes final report for the 2014 Annual Market Performance Review REL0055
16-07-15 Draft rule not made in proposal to align network and retail tariff structures for small customers ERC0175
16-07-15 AEMC initiates request to increase information provided to AEMO for Bulletin Board GRC0033
10-07-15 AEMC publishes CSIRO’s report on energy storage technologies
09-07-15 AEMC releases final report on optional firm access EPR0039
02-07-15 Extension of time for final determination on metering and related services rule change ERC0169
01-07-15 New version of National Electricity Rules published
30-06-15 AEMC releases annual report on state of competition in retail energy markets RPR0003
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