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27-06-17 Delivering a more stable power system to keep the lights on EPR0053
27-06-17 Next system security rule for public consultation: November 2017 Inertia ancillary services market draft determination ERC0208
27-06-17 Have your say on draft rules to support new generating technologies – Managing power system fault levels ERC0211
20-06-17 Guide for stakeholders on the rule change process
20-06-17 Draft rule giving AEMO more detailed information on generators to help with renewables integration ERC0219
20-06-17 Consultation starts on proposal to strengthen protections for customers requiring life support equipment
20-06-17 Draft determination on non-scheduled generation and load rule change requests ERC0203
14-06-17 Consultation starts on alternatives to grid-supplied electricity for remote consumers
14-06-17 AEMC fast-tracks rule change request to improve Gas Bulletin Board GRC0040
09-06-17 Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market
07-06-17 Memorandum of Understanding to establish Market Bodies Forum
06-06-17 Reliability Panel publishes issues paper for 2018 review of reliability standard and settings REL0064
06-06-17 Distribution market model project: draft report SEA0004
02-06-17 Towards the next generation - AEMC and CCA release new report on energy
30-05-17 New retail customer representative for the Settlement Residue Committee
30-05-17 New version 9 of the National Electricity Rules (Northern Territory)
30-05-17 New version 92 of the National Electricity Rules
23-05-17 Using competition to build new transmission at the best price ERC0192
16-05-17 Gas reforms take next step with review of pipeline regulation GPR0004
16-05-17 Annual market performance review 2016 final report published REL0060
09-05-17 Audio webcast of five minute settlement public forum now available ERC0201
02-05-17 New version 91 of the National Electricity Rules
02-05-17 New version 8 of the National Electricity Rules (Northern Territory)
26-04-17 Join our webcast on fast response energy and five minute settlement ERC0201
26-04-17 Distribution revenue smoothing in NSW and ACT – draft determinations ERC0210
19-04-17 Approach paper: AEMC advice to COAG Energy Council on strategic priorities for the energy sector EMO0032
19-04-17 Joint advice on power system security, electricity prices and emission reductions
19-04-17 Non-scheduled generation and load rule request: workshop papers and time extension ERC0203
19-04-17 Final Determination – Minor Changes 2017 ERC0217
11-04-17 Fast response energy – directions paper for five minute settlement ERC0201
11-04-17 Draft rule on new planning arrangements for replacement assets by electricity network businesses ERC0209
11-04-17 Reporting on drivers of change in transmission networks: draft stage one report EPR0052
11-04-17 Consultation starts on embedded networks RPR0006
11-04-17 Submissions invited on Secondary trading of settlement residue distribution units rule change request ERC0220
06-04-17 Update on Distribution Market Model project SEA0004
06-04-17 New version 7 of the National Electricity Rules (Northern Territory)
06-04-17 New version 90 of the National Electricity Rules
30-03-17 Review of frequency operating standard gets underway REL0065
30-03-17 New rules to protect the power system from extreme emergencies ERC0212
30-03-17 Discussion paper on reforming the Victorian declared wholesale gas market GPR0002
30-03-17 Reliability Panel starts review of reliability standard and settings REL0064
23-03-17 Keeping the lights on – consultation on new plan for power system security EPR0053
23-03-17 Annual market performance review 2016 draft report published REL0060
21-03-17 Extension of the Victorian declared wholesale gas market review GPR0002
15-03-17 Stakeholder submissions invited on Generating System Model Guidelines rule change request ERC0219
09-03-17 Extension for Transmission connection and planning arrangements final determination ERC0192
09-03-17 AEMC Initiated Rule – Minor Changes 2017 ERC0217
07-03-17 Further consultation on reforms to the Victorian declared wholesale gas market GPR0002
07-03-17 The publication day for notices of statutory decisions is changing
07-03-17 AEMC submission to the independent review on the future security of the national electricity market
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