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21-04-08 AEMC announces new-look publications
28-03-08 Discussion Paper on the proposed National Transmission Planner for Electricity
03-03-08 AEMC starts Review on demand-side participation in the National Electricity Market
29-02-08 AEMC Recommends Removal of Price Regulation of Victoria’s Energy Services
19-12-07 AEMC Recommends Removal of Price Caps for Retail Electricity and Gas Services in Victoria
04-10-07 AEMC Determines Victorian Electricity & Gas Retail Competition is Effective
27-09-07 AEMC Completes Package of Reforms for Congestion Management
30-08-07 AEMC releases determinations relating to Snowy region
19-01-07 AEMC Releases draft Determination on proposed abolition of the Snowy region
16-11-06 AEMC Releases Transmission Revenue Regulation Rule
14-09-06 AEMC Releases determinations on management of negative settlement residues in the Snowy Region
24-08-06 AEMC Releases Rule Proposal on transmission pricing
26-07-06 AEMC Releases Transmission Revenue Regulation Rules for consultation
13-06-06 Review into the enforcement of and compliance with technical standards
06-06-06 Congestion Management Program - Statement of Approach
28-04-06 AEMC releases Version Four of National Electricity Rules
03-03-06 AEMC Releases Congestion Management Review Issues Paper
16-02-06 AEMC calls for submissions on transmission revenue regulation reforms
08-02-06 Publication of AEMC Notices
13-01-06 Updated version of National Electricity Rules
06-01-06 Reliablity Panel Appointments
22-12-05 AEMC Chief Executive Officer Appointed
15-12-05 Draft Rule Determination on System Restart Ancillary Services
05-12-05 Advocacy Panel Acting Chairperson Appointed
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