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02-08-12 New Version 51 of the National Electricity Rules
26-07-12 New Version 13 of the National Gas Rules
12-07-12 Economic Regulation of Network Service Providers - consolidation
02-07-12 New Version 50 of the National Electricity Rules
29-06-12 National Energy Retail Rules commence on 1 July 2012
28-06-12 AEMC publishes issues paper for the national workstream of the review of distribution reliability outcomes and standards
28-06-12 Draft determination made on assumed utilisation of imputation credits
27-06-12 Final report published on Review of Template for Generator Compliance Programs
21-06-12 Draft rule determination made on optimisation of regulatory asset base and the continued use of fully depreciated assets
21-06-12 Extension for making draft determination on Economic Regulation of Network Service Providers and further consultation on cost of debt issues
21-06-12 Extension for making draft determination on Small Generation Aggregator Framework
21-06-12 Transmission Frameworks Review update
14-06-12 Consultation paper published on Connecting embedded generators
14-06-12 Draft rule determination made on the distribution network planning and expansion framework rule change request
14-06-12 International Confederation of Energy Regulators (ICER) forum report
14-06-12 Minor Changes 2012 - Electricity
14-06-12 Power of choice review - outcomes from fourth Stakeholder Reference Group Meeting
08-06-12 AEMC publishes issues paper on NEM financial market resilience advice
08-06-12 Draft advice for NSW Government on reliability options for electricity distribution
07-06-12 Draft determination made on Potential Generator Market Power in the NEM
07-06-12 Extension for making a final rule determination - Reference service and rebateable service definitions rule change request
16-05-12 AEMC Chairman address to world energy forum in Quebec City, Canada
27-04-12 Network regulation rule change requests - agenda for public forum with international experts in energy regulation Professors Littlechild and Yarrow
26-04-12 Extension for making draft determination on Potential Generator Market Power in the NEM
24-04-12 Register for a metering workshop on Power of Choice review and Electric Vehicles review
23-04-12 Reminder: Registration for public forum with Professors Littlechild and Yarrow on capex and opex issues related to the network regulation rule change requests
23-04-12 Reminder: Registration for workshop on aggregation of load and ancillary services load
05-04-12 New Version 49 of the National Electricity Rules
23-03-12 Connecting consumers to more cost-effective electricity
21-03-12 The Reliability Panel publishes notice for public meeting for the review of templates for generator compliance programs
02-03-12 AEMC seeks feedback on new approaches to network regulation
01-03-12 Reliability Panel publishes the final report on its Annual Market Performance Review 2011
24-02-12 The Reliability Panel published the draft determination on the system restart standard
24-02-12 Update on public forum for directions paper on Economic Regulation of Network Service Providers, and Price and Revenue Regulation of Gas Services rule change requests
23-02-12 Early bird registration for Fifth World Forum on Energy Regulation 2012, Quebec May 13-16
22-02-12 AEMC publishes the Schedule of Reliability Settings (indexation of the MPC and CPT for 2012-2013)
20-02-12 Extension of period for preparing the draft rule determination on MEU rule change requests relating to optimisation of the RAB and disincentivisation of replacement of depreciated assets
09-02-12 AEMC directions paper on network rule change requests
09-02-12 Extension for making a draft Rule determination - Distribution Network Planning and Expansion Framework
06-02-12 Register for an Electric Vehicles and metering workshop on Wednesday 29 February 2012
02-02-12 AEMC consults on rule change request from Grid Australia regarding cost pass throughs
02-02-12 AEMC publishes consultant paper on Australian and international approaches to electricity distribution reliability
02-02-12 Rule change proposal - Transmission Network Service Providers’ payments to AEMO
19-01-12 AEMC publishes final determination on rule change request in relation to the definition of the limit allowed for temporary power frequency voltages at a connection point
18-01-12 Energy market arrangements for electric and natural gas vehicles - Issues Paper published
12-01-12 AEMC Annual Report 2010-2011
22-12-11 AEMC publishes consultants' technical paper on issues related to market power rule change
22-12-11 AEMC publishes final rule determination including a final rule for the Network Support Payments and Avoided TUoS for Embedded Generators rule change
22-12-11 AEMC publishes final rule determination, including a final rule, for the Inclusion of Embedded Generation Research into Demand Management Incentive Scheme
22-12-11 Efficiency Benefit Sharing Scheme and demand management expenditure by electricity transmission businesses rule change request – final rule determination and rule
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