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28-02-13 Consultant reports released and public forum to be held on retail energy market competition in NSW
28-02-13 Draft determination made on Market Operator Service (MOS) – Timing and Eligibility rule change request
28-02-13 Final determination made on Changes to normal voltage
28-02-13 Final determination made on STTM Brisbane participant compensation fund
28-02-13 Inter-regional Transmission charging
21-02-13 AEMC Annual Report 2011-2012
21-02-13 Final report published on Energy Adequacy Assessment Review
14-02-13 A national approach to electricity network reliability
14-02-13 AEMC requested to provide advice to SCER on differences between actual and forecast demand in network regulation
14-02-13 Issues paper published on changes to cost allocation method
07-02-13 Commencement of rule change process on network service provider expenditure objectives
24-01-13 Reminder: Registrations for Reliability Panel public meeting to be received by 31 January 2013
17-01-13 Commencement of rule change process
20-12-12 Final report published on Reliability Panel's review of the guidelines for identifying reviewable operating incidents
20-12-12 Possible future retail electricity price movements: 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2015
20-12-12 The AEMC has appointed two new Reliability Panel members
20-12-12 The Reliability Panel has published AEMO’s 2012 report on demand forecasts for the ESOO
17-12-12 Extension of period of time for Market Operator Service – timing and eligibility draft rule determination
13-12-12 Review of Competition in the Retail Electricity and Natural Gas Markets in NSW
11-12-12 Last resort planning power 2012 review
11-12-12 Looking ahead to lower cost ways to support electric vehicles
10-12-12 ICER Distinguished Scholar Awards 2015
06-12-12 Consultation paper on pipeline operator cost recovery processes published
06-12-12 Inter-regional Transmission charging
30-11-12 AEMC proposes new opportunities for consumers to manage their electricity use and expenditure
29-11-12 Draft determination made on Changes to normal voltage
29-11-12 Draft report published on Review of Arrangements for Compensation following an Administered Price, Market Price Cap or Market Floor Price
29-11-12 Final determination made on network regulation rule changes ERC0134
29-11-12 Final determination made on Small Generation Aggregator Framework ERC0141
29-11-12 Reports on time taken to finalise network regulation rule changes
28-11-12 Proposed national blueprint for electricity reliability targets
15-11-12 Draft report published on Energy Adequacy Assessment Projection Review
15-11-12 New rules for networks
15-11-12 Power of choice review - Final report to be published by Thursday 29 November 2012
09-11-12 Electricity market financial resilience
08-11-12 Consultation paper on STTM deviations and the settlement surplus and shortfall published
08-11-12 Extension for making final determination on Small Generation Aggregator Framework rule change
08-11-12 Reliability Panel Annual Market Performance Review - draft report
01-11-12 Final determination made on Reference service and rebateable service definitions
18-10-12 Extension for making draft determination on Connecting Embedded Generators rule change request
18-10-12 Final determination made on Distribution losses in expenditure forecasts
18-10-12 New Prudential Standard and Framework in the NEM
18-10-12 Reappointment of Commissioner Neville Henderson as the Chairperson of the Reliability Panel
11-10-12 More efficient distribution network planning
27-09-12 Extension for making final determination on the Small Generation Aggregator Framework rule change
20-09-12 Final determination made on Assumed Utilisation of Imputation Credits
19-09-12 Power of choice public forum
13-09-12 Consultation on market operator service rule change request
13-09-12 Extension for making the final rule determination on the Distribution Network Planning and Expansion Framework rule change request
13-09-12 Final determination made on optimisation of regulatory asset base and use of fully depreciated assets ERC0136
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