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22-08-17 AEMC starts consultation on ways to support a reliable supply of dispatchable energy as the power system transforms EPR0060
22-08-17 Consultation starts on application of revised rate of return guidelines for TasNetworks ERC0223
22-08-17 Consultation starts on rule change request on declaration of lack of reserve (LOR) conditions ERC0226
22-08-17 Have your say on improving the coordination of transmission and generation investment EPR0052
22-08-17 Distribution Market Model Final Report SEA0004
15-08-17 New version 12 of the National Electricity Rules (Northern Territory)
15-08-17 Consolidation of Contestability of energy services rule change requests ERC0206
15-08-17 New version 95 of the National Electricity Rules
15-08-17 Consultation starts on pricing arrangements during periods of spot market suspension ERC0224
08-08-17 More options for demand response in providing frequency control services ERC0221
08-08-17 Reliability Panel starts 2017 Annual market performance review REL0066
07-08-17 Modelling of a Clean Energy Target mechanism
03-08-17 New version 8 of the National Energy Retail Rules
01-08-17 Distribution revenue smoothing in NSW and ACT – final determinations ERC0210
25-07-17 National energy retail competition review released RPR0005
18-07-17 First report on annual monitoring of electricity network regulation published EPR0050
18-07-17 Reporting on drivers of change in transmission frameworks: final stage one report EPR0052
18-07-17 Draft rule facilitating secondary trading of inter-regional settlements distribution units ERC0220
18-07-17 Final rule on new planning arrangements for replacement assets by electricity network businesses ERC0209
18-07-17 New version 94 of the National Electricity Rules
18-07-17 New version 11 of the National Electricity Rules (Northern Territory)
14-07-17 Victoria delivers next steps for a well-functioning gas market GPR0002
11-07-17 Issues paper published for the Review of the frequency operating standard REL0065
11-07-17 Supporting a reliable supply of electricity as the power system transforms: new AEMC review of reliability frameworks EPR0060
11-07-17 AEMC review of South Australia’s 2016 system black event – update EPR0057
11-07-17 Draft rule on improvements to the Natural Gas Bulletin Board GRC0040
07-07-17 Review of market frameworks for better frequency control EPR0059
04-07-17 Extension for Five Minute Settlement draft determination ERC0201
01-07-17 New version 93 of the National Electricity Rules
01-07-17 New version 10 of the National Electricity Rules (Northern Territory)
27-06-17 Submissions invited on gas pipeline regulation review GPR0004
27-06-17 Extension of timeframe for publication of 2017 retail competition review final report RPR0005
27-06-17 More options for demand response in providing frequency control services ERC0221
27-06-17 Have your say on draft rules to support new generating technologies – managing the rate of change of power system frequency ERC0214
27-06-17 Delivering a more stable power system to keep the lights on EPR0053
27-06-17 Next system security rule for public consultation: November 2017 Inertia ancillary services market draft determination ERC0208
27-06-17 Have your say on draft rules to support new generating technologies – Managing power system fault levels ERC0211
20-06-17 Guide for stakeholders on the rule change process
20-06-17 Draft rule giving AEMO more detailed information on generators to help with renewables integration ERC0219
20-06-17 Consultation starts on proposal to strengthen protections for customers requiring life support equipment
20-06-17 Draft determination on non-scheduled generation and load rule change requests ERC0203
14-06-17 Consultation starts on alternatives to grid-supplied electricity for remote consumers
14-06-17 AEMC fast-tracks rule change request to improve Gas Bulletin Board GRC0040
09-06-17 Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market
07-06-17 Memorandum of Understanding to establish Market Bodies Forum
06-06-17 Reliability Panel publishes issues paper for 2018 review of reliability standard and settings REL0064
06-06-17 Distribution market model project: draft report SEA0004
02-06-17 Towards the next generation - AEMC and CCA release new report on energy
30-05-17 New retail customer representative for the Settlement Residue Committee
30-05-17 New version 9 of the National Electricity Rules (Northern Territory)
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