Market Reviews & Advice

In our reviews and advice we take a long term view of what needs to be done to deliver reliable, secure energy at the best price for consumers. We conduct reviews and provide advice in accordance with terms of reference provided by the nation’s energy ministers and can also formally initiate our own reviews on matters related to the rules. In addition, the AEMC has a technology-focused work program to inform our advice to governments and analysis of rule changes requests. Reports and papers relating to our technology program are also included here, and are denoted with a SEA reference.

 TitleDate InitiatedStageDate CompletedSubmissions CloseReference
Strategic Priorities for Energy Market Development 01-04-11 Review completed 20-10-11 EMO0011
Possible Future Retail Electricity Price Movements: 1 July 2011 to 30 June 2014 31-03-11 Review completed 09-12-11 EPR0025
Power of Choice - Stage 3 DSP Review 29-03-11 Review completed 30-11-12 EPR0022
Review of the Compensation Guidelines 28-10-10 Review completed 17-02-11 EPR0023
Annual Market Performance Review 2010 23-09-10 Review completed 23-12-10 REL0042
Future Possible Retail Electricity Price Movements: 1 July 2010 to 30 June 2013 17-09-10 Review completed 10-06-11 EPR0021
Impact of the enhanced Renewable Energy Target on energy markets 16-09-10 Review completed 09-12-11 EMO0017
Review of the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) 05-07-10 Review completed 21-04-11 REL0041
Transmission Frameworks Review 20-04-10 Review completed 11-04-13 EPR0019
Compensation claim from Synergen Power 24-03-10 Review completed 08-09-10 EPR0016
Last Resort Planning Power Guidelines 09-03-10 Review completed 18-05-10 EMO0005
Review of the effectiveness of competition in the electricity retail market in the ACT 04-03-10 Review completed 03-03-11 EPR0017
Consultation on the Amended RERT Guidelines 25-01-10 Review completed 16-06-10 REL0039
Request for Advice on Cost Recovery for Mandated Smart Metering Infrastructure 19-11-09 Review completed 22-12-10 EPR0018
Annual Market Performance Review 2009 17-08-09 Review completed 18-12-09 REL0038
Review of the Reliability Standard and Settings 31-05-09 Review completed 30-04-10 REL0034
Review of the Effectiveness of NEM Security and Reliability Arrangements in light of Extreme Weather Events 21-05-09 Review completed 31-05-10 EMO0010
Review of the Operational Arrangements for the Reliability Standards 30-03-09 Review completed 21-12-09 REL0035
VoLL 2009 Review 06-03-09 Review completed 16-04-09 REL0033
Establishment of First Compensation Guidelines 05-03-09 Review completed 30-06-09 EMO0007
Review into the Role of Hedging Contracts in the Existing NEM Prudential Framework 03-03-09 Review completed 27-07-10 EMO0008
NEM Reliability Settings: VoLL, CPT and Future Reliability Review 18-12-08 Review completed 18-12-08 REL0024
Review of National Framework for Electricity Distribution Network Planning and Expansion 17-12-08 Review completed 28-09-09 EPR0015
Review Into the Use of Total Factor Productivity for the Determination of Prices and Revenues 21-11-08 Review completed 07-07-11 EMO0006
Template for Generator Compliance Programs 21-11-08 Review completed 31-07-09 REL0032
Annual Electricity Market Performance Review (2008) 04-09-08 Review completed 17-12-08 REL0029
Review of Energy Market Frameworks in light of Climate Change Policies 25-08-08 Review completed 08-10-09 EMO0001
Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader (RERT) Guidelines 15-08-08 Review completed 24-11-08 REL0026
Review of Mainland Frequency Operating Standards during Periods of Supply Scarcity 18-03-08 Review completed 16-04-09 REL0030
Review of Frequency Operating Standards for Tasmania 18-03-08 Review completed 18-12-08 REL0028
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