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In our reviews and advice we take a long term view of what needs to be done to deliver reliable, secure energy at the best price for consumers. We conduct reviews and provide advice in accordance with terms of reference provided by the nation’s energy ministers and can also formally initiate our own reviews on matters related to the rules. In addition, the AEMC has a technology-focused work program to inform our advice to governments and analysis of rule changes requests. Reports and papers relating to our technology program are also included here, and are denoted with a SEA reference.


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 TitleDate InitiatedStageDate CompletedSubmissions CloseReference
Reliability Frameworks Review 11-07-17 Initiation EPR0060
Frequency control frameworks review 07-07-17 Initiation EPR0059
Review into the scope of economic regulation applied to covered pipelines 16-05-17 Consultation on Issues Paper 22-08-17 GPR0004
Review of regulatory arrangements for embedded networks 26-01-17 Consultation on Discussion Paper 16-05-17 RPR0006
2017 Energy sector strategic priorities 13-01-17 Preparation of discussion paper EMO0032
Review of the System Black Event in South Australia on 28 September 2016 06-01-17 Initiation EPR0057
Distribution Market Model 01-12-16 Consultation on Draft Report 04-07-17 SEA0004
Reporting on drivers of change that impact transmission frameworks 18-07-16 Publication of Final Report 16-05-17 EPR0052
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