Impact of technology on energy markets

Changes in technology, and the pace of those changes, have the potential to fundamentally alter Australia’s energy markets. Energy policy and the associated regulatory framework must be able to adapt to these changes to allow a dynamic market response.

Flexible and resilient energy market arrangements

With so much change on the horizon, energy market arrangements need to be flexible and resilient enough to respond to change.

In order to provide advice to and assist governments with policy development, and to inform the Commission's analysis of rule change requests submitted to us, the AEMC needs to have a strong understanding of new market dynamics, including their likely impacts on consumer costs and behaviours as well as the incentives and business models of market participants.

Technology work program

The AEMC is undertaking a technology-focused work program to identify:

  • barriers to deployment of new technologies by new or existing market players
  • whether the consumer protection framework remains fit for purpose
  • incentives or disincentives for business model evolution and whether changes to distribution system operation and market design are needed

Projects in the AEMC's technology work program include: